Juanita AJG

She was four months old when I bought her mother , it was a hard decision, Garbosa or this gorgeous filly. My mum stepped in and purchased this lovely foal for me, I named her Juanita ( Janet in Spanish) in my mother's honour.

Laura Plant trained her, they just seemed to click and in 2014 they won the unaffiliated Elementary championship at Classic Dressage, training on grass as I don't have arena to school in! The next year Laura persuaded me to put her on livery at a yard with facilities and we affiliated her, she qualified for the BAPSH /BD series, the Area Festival at elementary and came 2nd in the medium at the BAPSH Championships.

She is now back home and I am having the fun of riding her myself in the super new arena next door while Laura has started training Diamanta.