When I was a child I had a very naughty welsh pony called Silver. We bought him off a farmer for £50, I bet he couldn't believe his luck! I adored that little pony though, we went everywhere cantering sideways with little leaps and rears, he had a long, silver mane and I used to pretend he was a Spanish stallion.

In the early 90's I photographed display of Iberian horses in London and was captivated, a few years later I found myself driving around Spain visiting studs, looking for my dream horse. I found him at the Pereto Stud, is named is Fetiche VI but everyone knows him as Freddy.

Many years later and Freddy has retired after a fabulous career. I have been lucky enough to find a little bit of land and I am fulfilling another ambition with my own little stud farm in the Chilterns.